Revealed: How Kalelo is being used to fight Philanthropic Kitute


The political supremacy in kitui east Constituency has taken a new twist after it has emerged that the much hyped kalelo candidature might be a project of kitui East member of Parliament.

I have seen in several WhatsApp groups from kitui east, Mr Kalelo has only focused his guns to the Narc Chairman Mr Kitute who is not even elected leader, neither a County Minister or Chief officer, A resident of chuluni told COUNTY DIARY.

In a WhatsApp group conversation that was seem by county diary reporter from kitui east, James Kalelo and the incumbent member of parliament hon Nimrod Mbai might have hatched a scheme to keep Kitute Busy,

A former councilor from Chuluni ward informed the COUNTY DIARY “why would Mr James kalelo concentrate on Mr Kitute who is using his little resources to help our people? If Muthui is seriously in the contest he should be oversighting the Member of Parliament who has a NG CDF kitty and leave kitute alone.

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In a heated online discussion Mr Mbai said, “This Colonial Master’s thinking with some people of the Upper Kitui East towards the people of lower Kitui East has to come to an end, Nimrod posted.

We need to talk of unity and equitable distribution of development projects, not vile utafanyia Mbaya Mbaya( I have my brothers, sisters, fathers and a big number of mothers who are ready to die for The Mbaya mbaya Movement )

But vitisho? Not to Mbaya Mbaya none of all these candidates from your place can touch my voting block….he will get his ball chopped off even before getting to Thua River, 2022 will be worse….Kama Mbaya Mbaya…Kusaasa, Nimrod Posted.

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Mr kalelo, added”Nzambani and Ithumula have to stop this Colonial master feeling and join the rest of KEC for unity of purpose.”Am not a project of anybody,

I know the person who is calling people telling them that am a project of Hon Nimrod Mbai, that is a lie, even hon.Nimrod can testify here that we never met and discussed issues of leadership, saying i want to vie for that sit does not mean am a project, James kalelo refuted the allegations.

“And And continued to say, why are mp aspirant failures bother about my life???hon.nimrod is our current mp now and i respect him so much” confirming the allegation that he is a project.

He is aware i will vie and he still respect me the way i respect i urge that failure aspirant who think nzambani ward and chuluni ward belongs to him,to forget and go to voters and hunt votes.2022 will be more fire….(kindu ni mwitilye)and i cant forget what my grand said(ukaithya nzau mbua ili oivaluka kwima,ukitaa kuvakua nzau isu itwika ndewa na wimita.then withoa nzau ingi ndumu itonya kuima nesa)

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According to young political analyst from kitui east, Mr katunda, and From the conversation of it emerged that the candidature of James might be a project of Hon Nimrod, because if kalelo will Vie and Kitute vie it will be advantage for the sitting Mp, it is clear as day and night, you can see how the game is unfolding.

Keep it here for more as it unfolds.