Revealed, how a Witchdoctor sent swam of bees to The Man of God

The first African Inland Church in africa that was built in 1895 by Peter Scott


By Loki loki

The word of God faced great resistance in ukambani from locals, who believed on traditional method of worship, The local people had high regard to the traditional seer,

They were adamant to accept any other foreign beliefs contrary to their old form of worship,The high places were regarded as sacred places, very few selected old people were allowed to offer sacrifice on behalf of the people for different reasons, like Rains, calamity,.

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The purpose of sacrifices were to appease the territorial demons,the wazes they could not allow any other form of worship, they used to say that it was a abomination to their god.

The first African Inland Church in africa that was built in 1895 by Peter Scott in Makueni county, The place has become a tourists attraction site, where number of local people have been visiting to pray and admire the monument.

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The place is located at Kalamba in Makueni County(Kenya). “According to the county diary reporters in Makueni , Mr Scott died in 1896 when Syumbesa, a local witch who was opposed to his work, sent a swarm of bees that attacked him.”

The witch was so famous and vehemently opposed to establishment of church during the old days, the word of God had great resistance From local people who believed on witch doctors as their seer

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Syumbesa and Syumwenzwa were different women who practised sorceries and had great influence to the locals during the old days , the great news is the word of God has so far been received , thanks to the missionaries , To God all the Glory