Respect our graves Chinese contractors Told


By Mbuvi Kasina

Why destroying our graves by a Chinese contractor is an abominable act, As an adherent of African religion, culture and heritage, I condemn in the strongest terms possible the wanton destruction of our graves by a Chinese contractor building kitui kibwezi road.

These foreign people do not understand our African culture and the duty of raising the voice is in the domain of our elders from kitui south where graves are being destroyed.

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Graves, as we all know, are sacred places containing remains of our ancestors and the living dead the activist Mbuvi Kasina has said.

In African religion, the living dead and the ancestors occupy a very important place in our entire existence; they offer daily protection to us enabling us to escape many calamities in our daily lives mbuvi added.

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The deepening silence of our elders who are the custodians of our culture is making the young generation sick.

No elder especially from kitui south should rest until the necessary appeasements are done to our living dead and the ancestors otherwise we risk an everlasting curse.

Elders should remember that they have the responsibility to preserve our culture, unless they have chosen to bed with foreigners doing an abomination to our culture.

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The necessary punishment should be unleashed on the elders for sleeping with foreigners who are destroying our culture in exchange for the reasons better known to them

Our people should not be duped, nobody should destroy our graves without the necessary cultural etiquettes.