Kanziku residents decry over wildlife Animal Invasion


By county diary

The angry residents of Kanziku ward in Kitui south led by youth leader Kyalo kimuli are calling upon the wildlife service department to control marauding elephants which are terrorizing the residents in the area.

Kimuli was speaking to members of the press when he revealed the children are not going to school for fear of attacks, our effort to reach the wildlife boss in Kitui were futile, his phone went unanswered.
Many farmers have lost their properties, lives and being exposed to insecurity due to Wild animal invasions to this area, whereby the KWS department has gave a deaf ear to this issue. However the community members here are very bitter about the conduct of KWS since the rangers only come to harass charcoal burners and other innocent citizens instead of ensuring that elephants and other wild animals do not invade their farms kimuli said.

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The residents have been living in fear over wildlife animals which has been evading the area in search of pastures endangering the lives of the people.

Kyalo Kimuli speaking to county diary team, where he urged KWS to protect the lives of Kanziku residents and properties from marauding wildlife animals