Residents Call for “Mwolyo” As Drought hits Parts of kitui South hard.


20th April 2019

By county diary

Drought hit parts of kitui hard, As April Rains fails, Resident call for a humanitarian assistance.

Kitui peripheral Nation is set to experience the hardest time ever following the lack of much expected April rains.

The residents of Voo, Kanziku, Mutha, and Ikutha in Kitui south are among the most affected areas.

According to the residents who spoke to county diary blog, they are experiencing untold agony from lack of water to food.

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The high expected hit drought will not only capture starvation saga but also affect negatively the people’s livelihoods, starting with education.

This drought will also affect peripheral peoples’ animals. This may happen due to water shortages that are expected to occur to the land.

It’s called upon for the National Government, County Government and all Humanitarian organizations to input their aide on those areas to protect their lives from drought evade.

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Contrary to what the media has currently been reporting, the real situation of peripheral areas remains the same, that Drought and hunger are approaching the areas with no limits at an alarming rate.

Leaders should be cautioned not to blindly listen to what ‘sycophants media fellows’ are claiming, something which they are doing only to please them.

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The real ground is tough, rough and angry of the negative media reports that are being circulated by uninformed people. The fact is that the areas need to be delivered with water bauzers, free food, locally known as ‘mwolyo’, something that they will wholeheartedly acknowledge and appreciate.