Reprieve For KRC Parents As Ngilu Disburses More 6 Million Pro Poor bursaries


Summary in KRC.

  • Kanyangi ward 253 students
  • Yatta kwa vonza ward 256 students.
  • Kisasi ward 269 students.
  • Mbitini ward 254 students
  • Each ward got 1.5 millions. Total students in kitui rural sub county is 1029 students. University student 10, 000/-. Secondary student 5000/- special need category 10,000/- VTC 5000/-
  • Total allocation is 6 million.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on Saturday escalated her sustained issuance of her pro poor bursary program by issuing more cheques to needy students across the county.


In Kitui rural, the exercise, preceded by an earlier public participation by stakeholders, was led by Kitui Rural Sub County Administrator Mr Abross Muthama on behalf of the Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

Speaking during the exercise at Kyusyani Sub county office, Mr Abrose urged the constituents to keep it’s strident policy support to the County Government agenda.

“Today we will not talk about the KICOTEC – one of flagship national supported project by this eminent Ngilu government,No rather everyone can see that we are escalating our promise Election period promise to lift the burden of fees from the needy often poor parents of Kitui.

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We all know what Kaluki Ngilu stands for”he said.The Governor’s delegation Proceeded to Kanyangi, Kisasi and Mbitini To Issue More bursary cheques to the needy students,During the exercise, over 6 Million were disbursed to needy students in kitui rural sub-county.

The beneficiaries we’re as follows :- Over 208 Secondary students each got 5 thoudand Kenya shillings,30 vocational learners each 5k and 31 University students each getting 10k.

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Reverend Kalimati asked parents and guardians to make sure during the public participation they provide the right information of students to avoid anomalies in cheques allocations.