Reprieve as Government Secures high-level Chemicals to Fight Locusts Says- Dr Wathe


By Charles Muthoka

The technical team based at Masinga Airstrip has received more Sumithion chemical (Fenitrothion), for spraying swarms of desert locust in Kitui County, Dr Wathe Says.

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau, who was directed by Governor Charity Ngilu to lead the technical team monitoring the spread of desert locust, has lauded the Governor for the good coordination she is doing with the C.S in the Ministry of Agriculture Hon Peter Munya to eradicate the swarms of desert locust, in Kitui County.

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Dr Wathe is confident that, the chemical is effective and will destroy the locust which are roosting in different areas in Mwingi North Sub County.

1st Swarm
This swarm has remained at Maseki/Mbarani area in Kyuso Ward and was sprayed on Sunday killing more than 85% and the remaining will be sprayed.
2nd Swarm
This was in Tseikuru Ward and migrated to Kivangwa, Mandala and Kiseuni areas both in Kyuso Ward, but were sprayed today.

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3rd Swarm
This was at kyoea and kakuyu in Mumoni Ward. spraying was done on Tuesday last week and almost 60% died. The technical team is monitoring the remaining and will be sprayed this week.
4th Swarm
It moved from Kikunu Village in Tseikuru and is now roosting at Gaciongo in Tharaka Ward and Ngungani Village in Mumoni Ward.

5th Swarm
This swarm was in Kanyengya in Tharaka Ward then migrated to Kamwerini/ Gatoroni and is now roosting at Muthini and Mukong’a in Mumoni Ward.
6th Swarm
This one is new and is now roosting at kavaani and Kasiluni areas in Ngomeni Ward.

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The CECM in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Livestock Development Emanuel Kisangau, has confirmed the spraying which started today, will continue everyday between 7.00am and 8.30am.