Reprieve As Dr Wathe Aircrafts Ratchets Up Locusts Eradication Across Kitui


The gruelling excercise has been buoyed by the procurement of a powerful insect cide from Japan.


Prolific hardworking Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe yesterday ratcheted up his large scale spraying of the invading swarms of desert locusts in several parts of Kitui County, local media reported.

The spraying of the millions of locusts, whose vocaricious appetite for green vegetation is alarming, is currently being carried out using several aircrafts – focusing on the epicenters of invasion in parts of Mwingi North.

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“.Today several aircrafts have spread out and doused large swarms encompassed parts of Katse, Maseki and Katse which are the epicenters of invasion.

Make no mistake – We are upbeat to eradicate the locusts ” said Dr Wathe speaking to this reporter from Mwingi North.

The gruelling excercise has been buoyed by the procurement of a powerful insect cide from Japan.

Meanwhile Dr Wathe has assured farmers in the affected areas to remain calm, saying everything is slowly but surely under his control.

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But as the Deputy Governor escalated the said eradication, the desert locusts invasion entered it’s third week in Kitui with farmers pulling their children from schools to help chase away the locusts, albeit using the only available rudimentary means.

“It is not a walk in the park, but the efforts are paying off and the County Government of Kitui has prevented loss of harvests worth millions of shillings.

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The spraying of the said locusts might be expensive, time consuming and challenging – but we can not just sit and watch as our farmers harvest disappears under the wake of the locusts invasion” said Governor Ngilu’s right hand man.