By Kitui Assembly.

The Assembly has adopted the report on the Status of Healthcare
in Kitui County as presented by the Chairperson, Health and Sanitation Committee, Hon. Philip Nguli (Migwani Ward).

The committee had carried out an inspection tour of various health facilities earlier on in line with its mandate according to Standing Order 190(5) and the II Schedule of the Standing Orders.

The aim was to gather details on the KCHIC program, cancer treatment, COVID 19 pandemic and the general healthcare provision across the county.

Healthcare provision in Kitui County is administered in 292 health facilities out of which 3 are level IV hospitals, namely; Kitui County Referral Hospital, Mwingi Lelvel IV and Migwani Hospital, 11 level 3B recently downgraded from level IV status, 49 health centres and 222 dispensaries.

Services are offered by 1,768 health workers in different cadres.

The KCHIC program lacks a proper software to run it, has low public awareness on the need for regular renewals and a very weak management system despite the several milestones it has achieved since August 2018.

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In order to achieve quality and affordable health care in Kitui County, the Committee recommended the following, amongst others;

On KCHIC program:

  1. The Governor should recruit a substantive CECM for the County Ministry of Health and Sanitation within 60 days.

  2. A forensic audit to be done to determine how funds from KCHIC program were utilized and anyone found culpable to be brought to book.

  3. EACC to investigate the Chief Officer in the County Health Ministry, Dr. Richard Muthoka for intentionally failing to adhere to the approved regulations of the program.

  4. The residents of Kitui should be sensitized and encouraged to enroll in both NHIF and KCHIC in large numbers as complementary health care programs. Due to non renewals from the existing KCHIC card holders, the active KCHIC numbers have reduced to 11,442 households from 94,662 since inception.

On Cancer management;
1. County Ministry of Health should establish a full cancer treatment centre at the Kitui County Referral Hospital and also Mwingi Level IV Hospital. Also, all primary health facilities should be equipped to carry out basic early cancer screening services.


  1. A cancer research and registry centre should be established at the Kitui County Referral Hospital to help build up information on cancer.

  2. The County Ministry of Health should start sensitization programs on cancer awareness, early diagnosis, screening, prevention and treatment spearheaded by a cancer task force in the ministry.

On General Health Care provision

The Committee on Health and Sanitation should fast track the enactment of the draft Kitui County Health Services Bill, 2020 within 60 days.

  1. A radiologist should be urgently recruited to offer Imaging Services at the Radiology Department at Kitui County Referral Hospital within 60 days or seek services of a contracted radiologist.

  2. Recruit relevant staff for the health facilities across the county, complete and operationalize uncompleted theatres, maternity wards and other structures in the 11 level 3B facilities.

  3. Within 90 days, the 11 downgraded level 3B facilities should meet the criteria of a true level IV hospital or they shall be denied the authority to charge for the services offered.