Remembering The Whispers, a Humour literature guru


FAKE Son of the Soil on the lose!

The late Celebrated humor literature guru Wahome Mutahi used to sign his widely circulated captivating articles with the famous humorous mantra, ‘Son of the Soil’.

He published books and articles that earned the original Son of the Soil accolades in the mainstream media.

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Recently, in the social media broth, a fake ‘Son of the Soil’ has emerged, using Wahome’s catchphrase with little regard to the ethics of acknowledgment as is required in literature.

Many people have tried to fake his work, its a shame even if they do none has ever earned the respect, Mutahi had, people On The World the writing Industry have been urged be creative and come up with their own unique identity always acknowledge the original author even when he’s dead so that he Rests In Peace.

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It’s wrong to steal the identity of the dead in your desperate quest to build a name.

Can you identify the fake sand, silt and vermiculite in the soil?

Rest in Peace the son of soil