Relief for Mbitini residents as Ngilu commissions Seekea water project


By Governor’s Press Service.

On thursday, May 19, 2022 – the Residents of Mbitini Ward in Kitui Rural Sub-County are upbeat after Governor Charity Ngilu today commissioned Seekea Sumpwell Water project.

The mega water project, which is solar-powered and has a yield of 30,000 liters per hour, will serve thousands of locals and several learning institutions thereby ending water problems in the area.

The project also includes a towered 100,000-liter steel water tank alongside two water kiosks situated at Kamulambani and Seekea primary.

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Addressing wananchi after presiding over the handover ceremony, Governor Ngilu urged the Kitui electorate to support Azimio Raila Odinga’s stab at the presidency in the imminent elections.

She termed the former Prime Minister as best suited to steer the nation into economic prosperity as entailed in his economic liberation agenda for Kenyans.”Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga has been in the forefront in fighting for a better and progressive Kenya.

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He is a true statesman whose leadership is tried, tested and trusted. Let’s support him as he flexes to form the next government,” noted the county boss.

She further affirmed that the Kamba community had a lot to gain from Odinga’s administration in terms of increased resources, more opportunities for professionals and shared prosperity.”He has committed to initiate and implement numerous water, road and healthcare projects in our region.

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He will also spur industrialization in Kitui, Machakos and Makueni so as to addressing widespread unemployment,” she added.

The jubilant residents affirmed their solid support for Mr Odinga’s quest to become the fifth Kenya’s Head of State and vowed to reelect the governor in order to allow her more time to further her transformative development agenda for Kitui people.