Relief for Farmers as Kitui Begins Processing of Mango Flakes, Wine & Tomatoes Sauce



The Ministry of Agriculture under the leadership of Charity Ngilu has embarked on the production of Mangoo flakes through Registered groups.

Photo courtesy: Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu Plans to Make Kitui a model county in Manufacturing sector.

The Mango farmers in Kitui County has something to smile about after the ministry of agricultural rollout Mango flakes production program among other strategies.

The dried mango flakes will be sold to all leading supermarkets in Kenya and the products can last up to two years when packed.

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Among other products is kitui Honey, which has been voted as the finest quality honey in the world, the honey is available to all leading supermarkets.

Kitui wine. The wine is said to be of the best quality for those who know more about the wine.

In a move to cushion kitui farmers, the Ministry of Agriculture has an elaborate program to process Tomato sauce from kitui.

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Kitui Chief Officer In charge of agriculture Eng James Mbii Songolo.
Kitui Chief Officer In charge of agriculture Eng James Mbii Songolo speaking to TCD from his Office.

Speaking to the county diary the kitui Chief Officer in charge of agriculture Eng. James Songolo, said “The Governor is committed to making a difference through wealth creation and making kitui a model county through manufacturing and production.

The only sure bet for any government is to create enabling environment for manufacturing and production, this is the only way to create employment for our young people, Ngilu has said.