Relief for Bright Needy Kid as UDA MCA Deborah Mutuku pays her school fees



The bright and needy girl who did her KCPE in 2022 at Kyemwengi primary school in Kitui central will finally be Joining Mulutu girls secondary school, thanks to the UDA Nominated MCA hon Deborah Mutuku.

The Strong UDA Nominated MCA for kitui County Assembly Hon Deborah has rescued a needy girl who was at the brick of Missing joining secondary school.

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The bright girl known as Pheninah Mutanu Juliana will be joining form one at Mulutu girls secondary school, the TCD DIGITAL REPORTS.

On Sunday evening, Hon Deborah did school shopping for the girl and she offered to take her to school on Tuesday.

Her mother Juliana has expressed her gratitude for UDA MCA hon Deborah Mutuku rescuing the needy girl.

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Hon Deborah Mutuku is among the top potential candidates for Kitui women’s representatives in 2027 on UDA Party.

Nominated UDA MCA Hon Deborah Mutuku and possible Kitui women Rep in 2027.