By John Kiilu

It is foolhardy for any Professor of medicine wherever in the World to use racist slurs or demeaning language on the need to test Covid-19 vaccine in Africa. Africans shouldn’t be treated as domestic cavies for whatever reason.

Covid-19 has decimated Europe, America and Asia without mercy and therefore they are the first people to be used as cavies/Guinea pigs since they need the vaccine more than us. Dr. Mila and Dr. Lotch have no moral grounds to look down upon Africans under whatever means.

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The believe that those in the West think that they are superior, is only out of ignorance and due to racism and stupidity being their norms. The two Professors should eat humble pie and apologise to Africans in totality. Have never seen, neither heard any such irresponsibility as displayed by the two racists Professors from France.

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As we move on the African leaders should rise up and condemn such derogatory statements and safe guard us from those superior men of colour without character.

I wish to remind them that there is no single day their national football team has ever won the World Cup without the so called African players contributing immensely.

As we move forward, we shall as African continent rise up and prove to the World that we are no longer the guys who were used to rely on aid every now and then. #Let Europe, America and Asia be the Guinea pigs/Domestic cavies for the #Covid-19 vaccine.

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#Racism has got no place all over the #World today