Regrettable Mistakes Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has done


By Nzungi Ngwele

Governor Anne Waiguru is very unlucky that she was not born and brought up in Mitamisyi, that village of my childhood ensconced somewhere near the edge of the earth. She therefore missed out on very important folk wisdom which could have saved her fledgling political career.

You see, for a politician who wants to go places, the Governor is making too many petty mistakes, some which cannot be made even by a Mitamisyi boy running barefoot and trapping dikdik for the evening stew. In the last one week she chalked up two potentially debilitating political mistakes.

First, on Jamuhuri Day she gave a long public lecture to the Kirinyaga County Commissioner, admonishing the head of the County security team for not reining in goons regularly deployed by her opponents to disrupt her meetings.

Nothing wrong with that, except that she went ahead and announced within the presence and hearing of all that she will soon be forming her own jeshi to fight back. If the lady Governor had grown up in Mitamisyi, my grandfather Kithinzi wa Munyasya would have taught her that “kaiteawa kene” – you don’t lay a trap while the dikdik is watching. It will become clever and avoid your trap.

You don’t announce your counter attack to the Government and to your opponents. You prepare in great secrecy and then pounce when they least expect it. Even after you pounce, you don’t claim responsibility. You see, you are not al shabaab. You are a “law abiding citizen” who is well on her way to becoming something important in a new Government powered by BBI.

“So you don’t play into the hands of Wangui wa Girichi and other hustler powered detractors, by being portrayed as a sponsor of local violence. But if Wangui wa Ngirichi got properly clobbered, she would definitely know what hit her even without you claiming responsibility. As we say in Mitamisyi Village: a tiger does not proclaim its tigritude, it pounces.

Again this week, the lady from Mucakuthi picked an unnecessary confrontation with a popular ghetto musician whose political rap is trending like hangover on Boxing Day. Yesterday the Governor threatened to sue rapper King Kaka for mentioning her in connection with corruption in the political rap piece “Wajinga.”

For heavens sake, the stories about her and the 8,000 bob biro pens had been fodder for national headlines for many months when the NYS saga was trending in courtrooms. It never hurt her legally or even politically, so you wonder why it’s mention now should bother her. By threatening the rapper, she has just excited the hustler and kapungala nations, and those two are in a bullish mood and very hungry for a fight.

Hustler people are now trolling her on all social media platforms, mostly digging up those NYS headlines and reminding Kenyans what was claimed about the Governor then. The kapungala nation – that excitable Urban youth who follow musicians like King Kaka and Juliani religiously, and annoy all of us by voting for characters like Sonko and Jaguar – are threatening to raise money to support the rapper through any litigation that may come up.

They will not just raise money, they will also raise their voices against the Governor and the political class of impunity that she is seen to epitomize.

Yesterday the rapper made a clever even though dishonest political move. Keen to play victim and show the country that he is being persecuted by the princes and princesses of impunity, he invited himself to DCI headquarters under the pretext that he has been summoned there. And which lawyer accompanied him? Martha Karua, the indefatigable political nemesis of the Governor.

In Mitamisyi village we say that if your hunting party has gone out to scout for elephants, you don’t stop on the way to trap dik dik . If Governor Waiguru’s guns are trained on big political quarry like Dr Tangatanga Uliam and Mwangi Kiunjuri, where does she find the luxury to pick small fights with Dandora based rappers?. Please, leave that to Dr Ezekiel Mutua.

It’s such bad luck for one not to grow up in Mitamisyi Village in kitui county.