Refurbished Kanyaa Primary School leaves Netizens Awed in Mwingi


On Thursday, 3rd September 2020 – all the social media forums from Mwingi west were awash following the leaked photos of the best refurbished kanyaa primary school by Mwingi West Development funds (NG-CDF) kitty.

The talk was Hapa Kazi Tu

Mwingi West Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna has continued to win Banquet of praises from netizens. With many calling his administration as Blue Regime.

Blue regime takes its shape at kanyaa primary school for construction of Girls dormitory by Mwingi west NG-CDF fy 17,18, 19-2020 courtesy of our able MNA Mwingi west Hon Charles Nguna

This second project after the sanitation facility {2door pit latrine} which done in FY 2017-2018

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