MIRACLE: Listen To Caxton’s New Song That Expelled Locusts From Waita!



Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

Caxton Mutambuki new hit song ‘Alshabab Locusts’ was yesterday afternoon used to expel a swarm of locusts from Waita in Mwingi – in a case of rare as of Christian excorcism, The COUNTY DIARY reported.

The song broke the record — it is probably the first song ever recorded in the country regarding the on-going locusts invasion that has gripped Sub-Saharan Africa in recent times.

The apocalyptic, catacylismic that reminds one of the plagues that precede the End Times in the Book of Revelation.

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And so it came to pass, that when Kitui foremost gospel star Caxton Mutambuki arrived at Waita village in Mwingi yesterday, he encountered a town besieged by millions of locusts – from hell, well – almost.

HARD TIMES: Young men feverishly fighting a losing battle against millions of locusts. It could well be a scene lifted straight from Charles Dicken’s dystopian novel/PHOTO/ALJAZEERA/CAPTION/PATRICK KIMANZI/CD

And so the Christian version of demonic exorcism began in earnest.

Caxton Mutambuki wasted no time.

Armed with a rough version of his new song ‘Alshabab Locusts’ a Bible and selected verses from the Books of Chronicles and Joel, Caxton began what we could term as the medieval version of Christian

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And it was so. Millions of locusts whose sporadic but sustained swarms had settled comfortably to feast on every twig, shrub and vegetation started leaving in droves, commanded and expelled in the Name of Jesus.

And by the time the Gospel star finished belting his song, witnessed by a handful of Waita residents, the vile swarm had left – Jesus Name and Holy Spirit presence being too powerful for the insects.

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The new song Alshabab Locusts’ was recorded thereafter at Zaburi Media Studios in Mwingi.

Athman Kaluku, an elder who has seen events of such nature come and go had this to say;

” I have never seen anything like it” he quipped.

“People should repent and seek the Kingdom of God. We are living in End Times and prayers and fasting are essential to salvation” said Caxton speaking to COUNTY DIARY.

Affected areas in Waita Ward, Mwingi Central include Muunguu, Kangutha through Kisole, MPPRESS Correspondents said.

Here is the link to the Miracle Song

‘Alshabab Locusts’