Kitui Randy Mp swindled 200k by koinange Night Nurse


Kitui Local Mp is nursing injuries and frustration from koinange night nurse after a night hunting mission turned chaotic.

A nagging night nurse, from koinange swindled him 200k after accusing him of rape as an excuse, the randy legislator who is said to be loved by many gals whenever he visits, owing to his heavy pockets,

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He had to fork the money after the nagging night nurse was about to enter police station to report the matter.

It’s the same week, another gal from koingage took her twins to the randy member of Parliament home in Nairobi, he is accused to have sired the twins and left the mother to languish in poverty like swine,

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the local Mp is said to be a frequent visitor of koinange night nurses club to quench his thirst.