Raila Reckless Utterances against Kamba Women Angers leaders


Leaders across kamba community are bitter with ODM party leader Rt hon Raila Odinga reckless utterances he made against kamba women in kibra by election

Baba I’m very disappointed with your statement. Kambas are patient and loyal but we will not be taken for granted under any circumstance. Former kathiani Mp dismissed his utterances.

We supported you for 10 years and you should respect my community #ProudKamba, machakos former wiper candidate wavinya Ndeti lamented.

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Strangers cannot insult you unless you have insulted yourself, our leaders are making other leaders to mock kamba community, section of Kamba leaders have offended themselves by leaving their rural turf to come and campaign for an ODM candidate.

We thought Raila had learned to respect Kambas after Embakasi South thrashing, but he is at it again because even though Kalonzo taught him a lesson, our community betrayers have

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As a Kamba man who was circumcised at 7 years 3 decades ago, how can a uncircumcised man who is double my age (74 year old) insult and compare my community not just to a woman but a woman of loose morals “mukoma nthi”? This is unacceptable! Bitter voter posted on social network.

It’s time for Kalonzo Musyoka to stand with a winner for once this decade, it is time to stand with Mariga & Ruto and say NO to these outright travesty.