Raila or Ruto?: Moment of Truth for Oka Coalition Principals



In Kenya, we say, in politics there is no permanence friends or enemies in politics, what makes people agree to work together is ONLY the Interest.

The OKA coalition principals are said to be working closely with Deputy President Dr William Ruto ahead of this year general election contrary to the beliefs of Many..

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The former VPs MUDAVADI and Kalonzo Musyoka who Are senior members of one Kenya Alliance (OKA) have made clear that they will not work with Raila Odinga Again but they are lenient to UDA Boss Dr William Ruto.

The Principals have occasionally refused to attend any Azimio Rally which is being organised by ODM Mandarin sending a clear indicator that they are not ready to work with Raila or play ball.

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Is it by design? Only time will tell.