WHEN I first joined political blogs, I instantly clashed with numerous Luos to whom I criticised their sycophancy towards Raila Odinga.
I told them given that the Luos had the most educated class in Kenya, it was inconceivable and mind-boggling that for 47 years since Uhuru, five million Luos were beholden to a father and his son.

At that time, I yearned to become involved in civil society but wherever I turned to, I found there was a Luo with an NGO of some kind.

There was no room for me. Then it occurred to me maybe there was. If I found the right Luo guys we could form an NGO for the political emancipation of the Luo mind.
I interested a certain Luo architect in my idea. He liked it. We exchanged communications. Then at the last minute, he chickened out and went back to the herd mentality.

That herd mentality reached the lowest point when last June, after the ouster of Aden Duale, Suna MP Junet Mohamed said they the ODM MPs were going to be ultra-loyal to Raila Odinga because “we are all cows” of Baba.

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Every good Muslim who knows Islamic teachings that say only Allah is to be given unquestioned obedience was shocked to the bone marrow. June was guilty of blasphemy.

It is refreshing however that there is a ray of hope in Luo Nyanza.Young Luos are emerging as free thinkers not subject to herd mentality.

Last week I read that a new generation is emerging in Luoland which does not know anything about Raila’s struggle against the Moi regime.
To my mind, it has been magnified out of proportion.

Men like Matiba lost his mental health and material wealth while Raila gained new wealth in 1998.
If you go back to that period, you will realise that Raila never actually for genuine reforms.

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He would begin a fight and then settle for a compromise that would see his political fortunes grow.
If he truly wanted reforms he would have refused joining a coalition in 2008, demanded an interim government, a new constitution that would ensure a rotation of the presidency.

Raila is a minimalist. And we have seen it again with the BBI.
After the 2017 elections, the Nasa battle cry was for secession because only Kikuyus and Kalenjins have ruled Kenya since 1963.

Then came the handshake and BBI. The TOR for the BBI was needlessly overloaded with issues that did not address this thorny one about rotating the Presidency.
Uhuru knew how to handle him. He pampered him with chase cars with sirens blaring and a sinecure post at the African Union.

The icing on the cake was sending the Cabinet to Capitol Hill to consult him and a courtesy call by the new Congo president.
That’s all it took to make Raila forget rotation of the presidency and compensating the ODM victims of the police in 2017 riots.

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Raila is not and never will be a change-maker. He is a compromiser who only wants to make it to State House. His father wanted to be Prezzo even for a day but didn’t. His brother Oburu recently pleaded for Raila to be President for even a day.

This is opportunism. If they were principled they could have dug in for a rotational system for the President which would have guaranteed a Luo President regularly.

I think Raila has nothing new to offer. He should give the baton to his son.
Raila Jnr will definitely be a better and more secure leader because he believes in the right to dissent.
That is what Luos needs.