Raila Akishinda SERIKALI itakuwa ya Nyanza – ODM Mp Junet Mohamed Warns Mt Kenya leaders – Video



When Baba wins the Presidential election in 2022, the government will belong to the Nyanza region, Mt Kenya leaders will be coming like Guest, Suna Mp Junet Mohamed has said.

The vocal ODM legislator who is said to be close to the former Prime Minister rt hon Raila Odinga sentiment at Nyamira has left the majority of people tongues wagging!

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The legislator has delivered a message to those who have been following Baba like cows.

“every politician has a goon to deliver controversial messages! Though
Mt Kenya is a very delicate balance for politicians one word can destroy everything” Political analyst told TCD editorial team.

“when your neighbour’s kid utters something “unfortunate” to you, then it’s 99. 9% concluded that the same sentiments were being talked by the parents waiting pot to get ripe”.

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Will Mt Kenya leaders continue blindly to court Rt Hon former Prime Minister Raila Odinga Presidential ambitions.?

Listen to the video.