Push for the Tarmacking of Mutomo-Mutha road, CS Malonza & Mp Nyamai told


The push for the tarmacking of the Mutomo-Mutha road in kitui south has gained momentum ahead of president William Ruto visit to Kitui County.

The business people and professionals caucus have urged the area Member of Parliament (MP) Racheal Nyamai and the CS for tourism Hon Penina Malonza to emphasize its importance to the relevant authority.

The CS Malonza who uses this road to go home should also team up with area Mp Nyamai to push for the tarmacking of the road. we have seen President launching national projects whenever he visits other counties, leaders in kitui need to work extra.

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This road, which connects the towns of Mutomo and Mutha, is currently in a dilapidated state, though it’s always under maintenance of KERA making transportation difficult and time-consuming for the local population.

Nyamai is on record having highlighted the urgent need for this road to be upgraded to a tarmac standard, as it plays a crucial role in enhancing connectivity, economic growth, and social development in the region, the TCD digital reports.

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Tarmacking the Mutomo-Mutha road would not only improve transportation and connectivity but also stimulate economic activity in the area. This road serves as a vital link for farmers, allowing them to efficiently transport their produce to markets, thereby providing them with better market access and higher prices for their goods.

Moreover, the tarmacked road would attract more investment and tourism to the region, as it connects to various tourist attractions and game reserves. By upgrading this road, the government will unlock the potential of the Mutomo-Mutha area, leading to improved living standards and overall development for the local population.

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Therefore, the authorities must take swift action in responding to the professional and business calls for the tarmacking of the Mutomo-Mutha road.

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