Pursue Dialogue if you are Genuine, Ukambani leaders Tell Raila Odinga



It’s regrettable that the Raila led Azimio group opposition leaders have called for a resumption of demonstrations even after both government and opposition committed themselves to the path of dialogue.

STATEMENT BY SOUTH EASTERN KENYA LEADERS) led by Mp Vincent Musyoka, Mp Nimrod Mbai among others.

From past demonstrations, the action as of the rioters have led to the loss of lives, destruction of property, numerous rape cases, increased cases of banditry and destabilization of the economy. It is clear that Raila has no single interest in the welfare of the people of Kenya, rather, his actions are geared towards carrying out a coup de tat.

He has been using his desperate supporters and dumping them at the earliest instance. His appointments are dished out only to his close family members.Historically, Raila has proven to be a master of chaos who thrives in violence.

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He has been engaging goons and bandits in his demonstrations,
and causing unbearable pain and losses to the areas he takes his demos.

Despite numerous calls by the international community, advisors and people of goodwill, he continues on his path of destruction without minding the welfare of Kenyans and hampering the President’s efforts to lead the country to recovery from the mess Raila Odinga created alongside Uhuru Kenyatta.

We applaud our Kamba Community patriots for standing firm and
vehemently refusing to participate in the evil demonstrations.

We all clearly understand that demonstrations are not the answer to solving national issues whose origin predates the last regime.

To suggest that only The current government is responsible for the existing problems to say the
least hypocritical.We should not manipulate our citizens.

We honour our community for treading the path of common sense.God has given us good rains and we are busy in the farms raising crops and food sufficiency.

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For the last 15 years or so, the Kamba nation has been misled by a single individual who has, just like Raila Odinga, been working for his own benefit and that of his family and bringing forth no development at all.

The Kamba Nation has taken a new political path and shall work with the government, ignoring any person who purports to represent us in the demos.Raila is seeking accommodation in Ruto’s government plain and simple. That is the game he plays.

He did a NDP-KANU merger and became the secretary general of KANU and minister of energy under President Moi.Moi did not endorse him in 2002. As a result, he said Kibaki Tosha after decamping from KANU and was a key cabinet beneficiary in the NARC government.

In 2008, after the post election violence, he was made part of
the Nusu Mkate government as prime minister.He shared the government
with Kibaki. Recently he became a shareholder of the handshake government. In all these cases, his followers remain paupers with nothing to show.

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Raila Odinga is not above the law.He must as such cease his games and
act the statesman he is supposed to be. As part of the over 52 million
Kenyans, We urge the president, more than ever before to stand firm and
defend the nation, bearing in mind that he is not only the symbol of national unity but also the commander in Chief of the Armed forces.

We take notice of the significant role played by the former president Uhuru
Kenyatta in financing chaos and destabilizing our nation, an addition to the pain caused by his mismanagement of the country.

There can never be a greater shame to a former president than this. We will propose a bill to deny him any privileges he is enjoying as a former head of state.

Signed on behalf of the South Eastern Kenya leaders by: Eng Vincent Musyoka, UDA party Organising Secretary.