Mixed Reactions As Kitui Corporations Bill 2019 Goes Public


By Yoana Kimwele

A public participation forum on the Kitui Corporations bill 2019 was held today at Kefri grounds led by a host of Kitui County Assembly members.

Party politics

While urging the public to support the bill, Kitui Deputy Speaker Hon Emeritus Kasee Musya also called on the members to think beyond party politics for the betterment of generation to come.

Control and regulation

The Kitui Corporations Bill 2019 seeks to make provision for the establishment of corporations, control and regulation of county corporations.

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Once the law is enacted it will legitimize the operations of the Kitui ballast crusher, Kitui Textile Center popularly known as (KICOTEX) among the other bussiness centres initiated and run by the county authorities in future.

Speaking to the participants at the venue, Mulango MCA Hon Nzamba who is also the chairperson called for the members of the public to give their suggestions freely in view of the bill to enable it sail through the enactment stage.

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“The mandate of the assembly is to listen to the public before we enacting any laws” said the Mulango MCA.

When Kitui Youth Council Chairman Aggrey Nzomo took to the podium, he urged youth not to take advantage of such forums to complain to leaders but make their opinions count

” These are not forum to complain. Let’s make our opinion heard other than complaining” he said.

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Similar sentiments were was echoed by youth chairman Moses Munyalo.

There was a moment of mixed reaction from public participants who urged the County Government to consider and priotize the needs of the people before rushing to establish government-owned projects.

Priority to the people

“The will of the people must be given priority. All county projects and corporations must be subjected to prooper to public participation before commencing bussiness” Mwanzia Musili from Kwa Vonza Kitui said.