Propagandists on spot over banned charcoal and sand trade in Kitui


Governor Charity Ngilu’s government has restated her commitment in ensuring that it terminates the trade of charcoal and sand in the county once and for all, whatever it takes.

The county government has distanced itself with the false information in circulation by a few critics that some of its officers have been colluding with charcoal traders despite a ban on the illegal business.

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Speaking to the media in his office yesterday, Kitui County government Community Liaison Officer Mr. David Mbisi has decried that the misleading false information has sparked due to his endless efforts in the fight against the illegal charcoal and sand trade outside the county.

Mbisi accused businessmen engaging in the illegal trade for continued defamation of his positive reputation in the social media.

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The officer revealed that since the law against charcoal and sand trade was introduced, environmental conservation has improved.

“I urge all residents to work closely with the county government in the fight against charcoal and sand trade to conserve the environment. This will improve their livelihoods” Mbisi said.