PROFILE: Meet Politician Cum Tax Expert JOSEPH WAMBUA Maluki – Incoming Mwingi Ward MCA in 2022



In our COUNTY PROFILES today we feature the higly ambitious Service Delivery oriented Mwingi politician and CPA Joseph Wambua Maluki.

CHANGE OF GUARD: Politician CPA Joseph Wambua Maluki is all set and armed with core principles. His Trump card, including honesty, transparency and accountability is roadmap towards bringing social-economic change as the new Mwingi Central Ward MCA in 2022.©PHOTO/PATRICK KIMANZI/COUNTY DIARY/EDITOR

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Maluki, a well grounded suave politician and senior Tax Consultant cum an Accountant with more than a decade working experience in public finances domain is well set to represent the people of Mwingi at Kitui County Assembly for Mwingi Ward come 2022.

“I intend to fill the void. Past regimes have been characterised by corruption and empty rhetoric by self seeking politicians. We need an all round public resources manager whose passion is servant leadership” he says.

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The politician core principles including honesty, transparency and accountability is clearly his trump card to trounce other nondescript candidates gunning for Mwingi Central Ward MCA in 2022.

“During the last General Elections, I was also privileged to work with Mwingi Central NG-CDF as an Accountant. I oversaw many projects implementation by the iconic wiper party MP, a maestro of escalated development and other leaders” said Maluki.

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“My clarion call remains the same – Advocacy and Accountability in public resources while demonstrating servant leadership to the people of Mwingi Central Ward”said the young Politician speaking to The COUNTY DIARY this afternoon.