Prof Wathiong’o, Kitui Govt Partner to bring International Mother tongue fete to Kitui

Kitui Tourism sports & culture Executive committee Member hon Patrick Koki Musau flagged by senior county officers with KU lecturers pose for picture

Kenyatta University Kitui Campus Kwa Vonza_

17th February 2019


Kitui County Executive for Tourism Sports and Culture Patrick Koki Musau led a high profiled top Management Officers with a Slogan of Kitui mbee nzei to kenyatta University in preparation to international language cerebtation fete in kitui.

The County Government of Kitui, Kenyatta University and National Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage State Department of Culture and Heritage for the purposes of advance planning for this year’s International Mother Language Day Celebrations and Conference 2019 which will be celebrated in Kitui County at Kenyatta University Kitui Campus from Wednesday 20th to Thursday 22nd February 2019.

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This is event is being co-ordinated by County Government of Kitui through the Ministry of Tourism Sports and Culture in partnership with Kenyatta University Kitui Campus and the National Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage [state Department of Culture and Heritage].


Indegenious Language Matter for Development, peace building and reconciliation_

The three days conference will involve several activities like Cultural dances, Art and poetry, Exhibitions and presentations from renown Scholars in the language fraternity

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The event is co-sponsored by:
1. County Government of Kitu
2. Kenyatta University Kitui Campus
3. National Government Ministry of Sports Culture and Heritage [State Department of Culture and Heritage]
4. East African Education Publishers.

The keynote address of the event will be given by Proffesor Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and the Chief guest of Honour will be H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu, Governor, Kitui County

Others in attendance was Chief Officer County Ministry of Tourism Sports and Culture Mr Zakayo G Kimanzi, Assistant Director of Culture Mr, Maithya and Miss Christine, Principal Tourism Officer among others.