by the Guest writer’.


Ladies and gentlemen members of the press good afternoon.

This afternoon, we wish to highlight several issues in our County that we feel need urgent attention.

Left unmentioned, our County risks stagnation in the hands of those who the Kitui people have entrusted with authority and huge expectations for immediate development.

Our immediate call is for the County Governor and the County Assembly Speaker to shape up and give the people of Kitui the development and the accountability that we deserve.

The apparent or perceived shadow boxing, if any, must end with immediate effect.

Each one of the two leaders has their fair share of blame in the quagmire that we find ourselves in.

Governor Malombe doesn’t appear to be in charge as of now. He either has fallen asleep or has no interest in giving Kitui the promised development programs.

It’s been 182 days since 9th August 2022 when we elected Governor Malombe to office.

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147 days since 13th August 2022 when he was declared the winner by the IEBC and sadly 104 days since he took the oath of office on 25th October 2022 enabling him to be the Chief Executive of Kitui County

When other County governments across the Country are celebrating their 100 days of achievements in office, what can our County showcase to her people 104 days since the governor was sworn into office?

We have been told repeatedly that there is no vacuum in the CECM & COs composition in Kitui County in response to the Kitui people’s cry of taking a long time in naming new CECM and COs.

Is this actually the truth?

Far from it.

From our audience’s point, all we see are flower girls and boys sitting in offices and enjoying free salaries and benefits from taxpayers’ money.

Which begs the question, why is Governor Malombe stuck with CECMs and COs who can’t in any way help him deliver development expectations to the people of Kitui?

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For how long should an elected leader be on honeymoon before he can start service delivery to his people?

If Governor Malombe feels that he can no longer effectively manage County affairs, then he should do the honourable thing and resign.

We have seen in other Counties including those neighboring us such as Makueni and Machakos Governors have started working for their people having completed the composition of their cabinets.

We cannot just sit pretty and wait indefinitely when we are not seeing anything happening or getting any updates from the Govornor’s office.

The same goes for the County Speaker Hon Kinengo

It’s clear that The Speaker has also completely failed to lead the Assembly into effectively oversighting the Governor

The assembly under Speaker Kinengo appears weak and too disorganized to be effective in any way. The aggressive Hon MCAs that we saw being sworn in already look tired and subdued. Why?

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To anyone watching the happenings in Kitui County Assembly, it’s clear that the Speaker position is becoming too heavy for Hon Kinengo. He is completely lacking the required maturity and leadership qualities desired for such a position.

The rumoured dangerous black-mailing games by the Kitui Assembly Speaker Hon. Kelvin Kinengo Katisya with an intention to create an atmosphere of horse trading between him and the Governor must not be allowed to continue

The financial year 2022/2023 is coming to an end in June without any substantive project undertaken by the County Government of Kitui.

The blame lies squarely on Governor Malombe and Speaker Kinengo. The people of Kitui will not be spectators in a government they brought to power.

We have a right as the people of Kitui that is enshrined in the Kenyan constitution

The leaders we elect must be completely accountable to the mwananchi and not expect to be treated as demigods who can’t be questioned by anyone.

Governor Malombe and Speaker Kinengo must either live up to the expectations of mwananchi or they must with immediate effect resign from their positions.