President Uhuru Hosts his Deputy for a breakfast Meeting


By katunda kingangi

24/1/ 2019

Its seems cartels who are using handshake to misadvice president and continued scheme to undermine deputy president william Ruto and consequently scuttle his 2022 presidential ambitions!

Just after a day president Uhuru kenyatta appointed CS Matiangi de facto prime minister Through executive order and returning powerful provincial administration!

The president immediately summoned jubilee top leadership to Mombasa! For those who thought it was just a mere lunch president threw another jibe to his deputy!

The Mombasa meeting was to create another position which seems to undermine his deputy,but this time round his close allies in senate and parliament! Its believed Ruto controls majority of MPs and senators and are very loyal to him! To control Dr.Ruto influence in parliament president wants parliamentary Secretary created to be a link between parliament and executive!

This position if created will be more powerful than majority post held by duale and murkomen Ruto allies! Ruto supporters are unmoved and ready to face any challenge!
The ground has changed and Ruto is gaining popularity in daily basis through sympathy !