President Ruto should Make Raila CO-president or crash his balls completely


There are divergent views on whether President William Ruto should make Raila Odinga his Co-President or take a confrontational approach against him.

While some argue that a co-presidency with Raila Odinga could foster a sense of national unity and bring together the differing political factions, others believe that this move could be seen as an admission of weakness and compromise.

Advocates for a co-presidency argue that incorporating Raila Odinga into the government could help bridge the political divide that has plagued the nation for decades.

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By giving a prominent position to Raila Odinga, the government would signal a commitment to inclusivity and shared power, which could promote stability and confidence among the public. Additionally, this move has the potential to tap into Odinga’s political experience and leverage his network to execute effective policies.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that President Ruto should crash Raila Odinga and the political faction he represents. They argue that a confrontational approach would assert Ruto’s strength and retain the integrity of his mandate as the President.

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This strategy could send a clear message to opposition forces and deter any attempts to undermine or obstruct the government’s agenda. Additionally, this approach may be seen as a necessary step to build Ruto’s credibility and consolidate power within his own party.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to make Raila Odinga the Co-President or adopt a confrontational strategy should be based on a careful analysis of the political climate, the needs of the nation, and the long-term stability of the government.

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It is crucial that President Ruto considers the potential outcomes and consequences of either move, ensuring that his decision positively impacts the country and its citizens.

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