President ruto admires kitui booth during devolution Conference


President william Ruto’s recent compliment of Governor Malombe during a devolution conference in uasin Gishu highlighted the significant progress made in kitui decentralization efforts.

The President recognized Governor Malombe’s outstanding leadership and commitment to implementing devolution in kitui by visiting the booth for kitui during the devolution conference in eldoret during the official opening of the national conference.

This commendation reflected the growing acknowledgment of the transformative impact of devolution in addressing regional disparities, promoting local democracy, and empowering marginalized communities in kitui county, The TCD digital reports.

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Under Governor Malombe’s guidance, the devolution process in Kitui has witnessed remarkable achievements. Through his effective governance, Malombe has worked closely with stakeholders and partners to prioritize community development projects, ensure effective service delivery, and enhance transparency and accountability in county administration.

The President’s visit to kitui booth was a result of Governor Malombe’s notable efforts in spearheading the devolution agenda at the county level, setting a benchmark for other governors in the country.

Furthermore, Governor Malombe’s dedication to implementing devolution has had a positive impact on the lives of the residents in his county. By empowering local communities and involving them in decision-making processes, he has ensured that development programs are tailored to meet their specific needs and aspirations.

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Malombe has successfully mobilized resources and collaborated with various stakeholders to maximize the benefits of devolution, particularly in sectors such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

This recognition by President Ruto not only acknowledges Malombe’s efforts but also encourages other governors to emulate his commitment to devolution, ultimately leading to more inclusive and equitable development across the nation.

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In conclusion, President Ruto’s commendation of Governor Malombe during a devolution fete is a testament to the significant strides made in Kenya’s decentralization process. Governor Malombe’s dedication, effective governance, and inclusive approach have positioned his county as a model for successful devolution.

This recognition not only highlights the impact of devolution in addressing regional disparities but also serves as an inspiration for other governors to prioritize community development and promote local democracy.