Prepare for UHC Program Rollout, Ngilu Tells Mwingi North



KITUI Governor Charity Ngilu has encouraged Mwingi North Residents to Prepare for the universal health care program which is expected to be inaugurated in the next financial year.

Speaking in Mwingi North during the CountyWide Health Care facility Inspections exercise, the Chief Officer for Basic education Madam Agnetta Peter who was representing Governor Ngilu, pleaded the citizens to prepare for the universal health care rollout.

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The anticipated UHC Program rollout once launched will be a game-changer in kitui County Health Care reforms among other life-changing projects, THE COUNTY DIARY REPORTS.

Madam Peter visited Katse Maternity health centre, kaliwa dispensary,
Nguuku health center,
Kanzinwa in Mwingi North among others, the exercise is ongoing.

Kitui County Executive Officials this week are on the ground inspecting and evaluating the ongoing County Level Infrastructure Development Projects among other county government projects and programs ahead of the Major launch by the Governor.

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