Popular Kitui Women Rep Aspirant Hon Kavilisi Makumi Steps Down To Support KASALU, Urges Cohesion in WIPER



Popular Wiper Kitui Women Rep candidate Hon Pricilla Makumi has stepped down from the race to support the incumbent Hon Irene Kasalu, The COUNTY DIARY reported Wednesday.

Speaking to the Press on Thursday, Hon Pricilla Makumi attributed her new political move to the efforts aimed at ratcheting up camaraderie while bolstering cohesion and unity in the Wiper Party ranks.

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“Today I have announced my intention to step down from contesting the Kitui County Women Rep post. The major reason for this decision is to create a room for cohesion and unity across the echelons of Wiper party while buoying the efforts of my Party Leader H.E KALONZO MUSYOKA, who is eyeing the Presidency of this country and requires therefore requirs all the support and unity in the Wiper party” said Hon Makumi popularly known as KAVILISI.

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Adding that her support for Hon KASALU is unequivocal, Hon Makumi will now marshall her efforts and supporters to ensure the victory of the incumbent, so that she can complete her ongoing projects to the empowerment of the people of Kitui County.

“I am also issuing a Clarion call to all my supporters across Kitui County to now join the winning team. Hon Irene Kasalu will romp into the Parliament for the second time in a row after August 9”.

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“Meanwhile I now have ample time in my hands both as a grassroots and regional leader to marshall massive support for H.E KALONZO MUSYOKA ambitions at the Presidential level”.



(PATRICK KIMANZI, former NATION Correspondent is a Senior Editor at The COUNTY DIARY)