Pomps and colour as Jordan Hospital & Smile Train hold Milestone Medical Celebration in KITUI


By Yoana Kimwele

The Jordan Hospital in partnership with Smile Train on Saturday 23rd April 2022 held a milestone celebration fête to mark a record medical record achievement in its facility.

Over 547 Plus cleft lip/ palate surgeries were carried out at Kitui Jordan Hospital, the Hospital director Dr. Joshua Matu told news reporters.

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The auspicious exhibition was marked at Jordan Hospital, Kitui town.
“The occasion was to celebrate their achievement that has seen over 547 patients operated successfully at Kitui Jordan Hospital,” said Dr. Matu.

A cleft lip / palate is usually repaired with a surgery called palatoplasty. In other hospitals, the surgery costs over 150k and above depending on the complication of the cases,

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but at Jordan hospital, the surgery is done at no cost. Over 400 people who were operated on from the hospital attended the milestone celebration at the hospital facility.

The event was led by distinguished surgeons Dr. Joshua Matu and Mr. Joseph the SMILE TRAIN Program Manager East Africa.

Dr. Joshua Matu said cleft lip and palate cases are treatable, in major cases majority are caused by a lack of nutritional supplements for pregnant mothers or misuse of drugs.

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The goals of palatoplasty are to close the opening between the nose and mouth, this help creates a palette that works well for speech, Dr. Matu.