Political scavengers put on Notice – BBI is Political weaponry ahead 2022



By Guest contributor

BBI has been used as a sharpened political weapon to test the odiga’s popularity by Uhuru himself!

The second rally in Luyha land was a wakeup call that despite the entire ODM presence and some Jubilee representatives the mood of the community was captured by two stalwarts.

Wetangula and Mudavadi ways of winning the hearts of the people was in the show!The two have not yet declared their political alignment but they have already left the former NASA alliance where they were branded as parasites and liabilities along with Hon. Stephen Kalonzo!

The second rally was in Mombasa and despite molesting, humiliation and outright mockery by leaders from Ruto’s wing whose cheerleaders included Junet Muhammed.

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Fortunately for Kipchumba Murkomen, he won the show in style with the rally ending prematurely!.

The two regions are perceived to be Raira’s strongholds and it was easy to identify grief and disappointments from the face of the community!

Now we have the Kalenjin and Kikuyu nations — the well known united blocks whose votes don’t split by all means.

Up to date the son of Moi has never attended any BBi rally even at Bomas while on the other side Uhuru and Ruto have watched the BBi cinema at a distance in two ODM popular stations!

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Uhuru will retire by 2022 and support his Deputy as it was in the Jubilee family arrangement in respect of the status quo! Its unfortunate that Uhuru’s expectation of supporting Raila has not been received well by his family and the entire Kikuyu nation.

-Raila’s heart of vendettas and revenge by pursuing historical injustices has not gone well with the president according to close sources.

In spite of Uhuru’s seemingly supporting Raila, he has by far lagged much behind the hustler by all opinion polls despite been blamed by every Tom Dick and Harry for all the wrong reasons – and mudsling of his image!

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  • The respect and pseudo worship and awe accorded to Raila by leaders while he is nowhere in the administration of Kenya shocked Uhuru Kenyatta and many other leaders watching the show in Mombasa.

They feel if he is elected president then he would turn to be an unquestionable dictator and for that reason, he should be contented with what he is today!

This is the real position of what was referred by Hon. Stephen Kalonzo as a deep state!

  • Finally, the BBi has no opposition a bill which would have divided Kenyans into “yes” and “no” in the referendum days before the general election in 2022! An opportunity already lost by the opposition strategist!