By county diary

Our men and women in uniform who serve as police officers contribute greatly to the safety and peace of mind we have as ordinary Kenyans.

However, the reality is that for many years, unlike their counterparts in Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States, Brazil, South Africa and other nations, our police officers have not been treated well and fairly.

This is especially so when it comes to remuneration, benefits and housing.

I wish to acknowledge what the Governments of Mwai Kibaki and especially Uhuru Kenyatta have done to improve the welfare of our officers but we have to admit the situation is still bad.

My heart has always been torn when I see the living conditions of some of our officers. I have endeavored as a citizen to build houses for police officer and have done so quietly in several places in Kenya.

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My Government of Machakos, due to the respect we have for our police, decided to build good houses for police officers based in our Athi River area.

Even though security is a National government mandate, the people they serve are our people and partnership between Machakos County and the Ministry of Interior means that our people get better services.

That is why we have installed CCTV cameras, provided vehicles for policing and now partnering in buildings decent homes for our men and women in uniform.

My Government has offered to provide paint and repair materials and staff to revamp all police stations in the Machakos county to bring them to international standards. That way, our police officers work in conducive environments and our people receive good service in clean and modern facilities when they visit police stations.

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Our interest as Machakos is to provide a county that is secure where business can thrive and our people get to make money in harmony. We want to grow wealth and you cannot do this if security is not assured.

The County Assembly of Machakos is also seized on the need to provide our people the proper environment to develop and I appreciate their support as we make Machakos, truly, the Place to Be.


Police service is reflected in the motivation of our officers. Yes, their salaries have been increased but when you consider that these officers are at the receiving ends of bullets and other ordinance, they are not paid enough.


In all honesty, the conversation in the country should be about adding housing allowances to the police and not to us politicians who they protect while we lie warm in bed every night.

If the economy is not able to increase housing allowances for police officers, then it is not able to increase housing allowances for MPs, Governors or even the President. Kenya needs to be a fair country country that takes care of all of us and not just leaders.