Play Safe Politics! The Hague is watching


Kenya is a strategic land of interest by the entire world due to its Christian background and unique heritages! For peace in the entire east africa Kenya must be stable politically as it is the economic supper power in the region though it is worst hit by rampant corruption and profusely enburdened by debts !

Its activities which may threaten its existence are closely tracked by different personalities, agencies, institutions and powerful nations with different technologies!

Kenya is already in the mood of elections yet we have over two years to the date!International strategist and powerful determinants of this world are watching and they understand the repercussions of such haste!By today they understand very well the winner if elections were held today and their research is direly accurate far much better than the opinions of we kenyans!

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They again understand the concequences of such opinions on the very security of the would be the winner of elections!They plan earlier for the possible consequences and solutions than the nation in the dark continent can ever emagine!

In the eventual elections by 2022 ,the winner will be printed from both continental and international tallying centres and Atleast by two good world powers USA and Britain in addition to bomas!

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So rigging and use of state machinery to manipulate elections may come with unbearable timely consequences as such act definitely may lead to post election violence ! For that fatou bensouda from the Hague is watching and salivating and it will be hard to escape the wrath of a prosecutor who believes she was played by ocampo in the previous cases!

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She believes ocampo was compromised and tamed by Kenyan heritage, beauties and beaches for very shoddy investigations tainting the perceived ICC!

Remember if found a perpetuator, your bank accounts across the globe will be cast in the fridge,secondly visa ban and finally arrest warrants precisely to the dreaded ICC in the hague! You need to know there is always a upper arm above you !for me this will be an emotional repeat process and should never be!

I request leaders to tone down Atleast for the real dates and for the course.