Personal Statement: Responding to Nzungi Ngwele’s wild claims


Yoana kim

Right of reply.

I am perturbed that Nzungi Ngwele, one of the governor’s top advisors has found it fit to engage in an insulting match on social media.
In his blind shadow boxing, Ngwele has made startling and shameful assertions, claims, and even unfounded allegations rooted on character assassination.
While I appreciate his freedom of being homosexual as he willingly admitted, I find it rather in bad taste that Ngwele would train his punches on me, calling me an extortionist who runs a conning enterprise.
These are callous statements from a frustrated county government officer who has thus far failed to prove his worth to his employer.
For that failure, Ngwele wants to go down with everybody, that’s why you saw him fighting even those who honestly support the governor and her administration.
I want to advise Ngwele and his fellow conspirators to reconsider their stand and show true value to their employer. Surely they can’t transfer their incompetence and frustrations to me.
Ngwele has wildly claimed I go around offices soliciting for money to defend the county government after secretly lighting fire. Do you have proof of this? How much money for instance have I asked u? How much have u given me?
Bwana advisor, please carry your own cross. Let those who genuinely and competently support the governor do so, don’t attempt to dim their candles so that yours can shine or musk your incompetence.
For you to claim KPC is a makombe forum is to insult even your bosses who quite often show up here to communicate county government policies.


Today you have proven yourself to be a disgrace to your employer despite countless warnings from well meaning people. I want to believe that hasn’t escaped your employer and seniors and that necessary action will be taken against you.
Finally, as you struggle to revive your relevance, kindly leave me out of your frustrations and aimless punches.

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Yoana Kim
Lead Admin, KPC