People Must be Given Opportunity to Nominate KITUI Wiper Candidate, any Other dubious plans Will be Challenged in Court of Law – Kevin Muasya Kalonzo warns



The drama around Kitui wiper Gubernatorial party contest is becoming hotter than expected as two leaders gather their political muscles to break each other. Who will blink first, walk with me.

Kalonzo Musyoka son Hon Kevin Muasya who is the running mate for Ambassador Kiema has broken his silent and issued stern warning to party Brokers who have taken the party hostage.

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“No More boardroom meeting – for the party to be seen in allowing the democracy to thrive, we must proceed to the grassroots to allow the people of kitui to nominate the wiper candidate” Kevin Muasya has said.

The plot by Mwingi central Mp Hon Gideon Mulyungi and his allies to Block Kevin Muasya Kalonzo from getting a Wiper ticket and giving it to Former Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Makau Malombe a direct wiper ticket will not be taken lightly, Hon Kevin Kalonzo has Warned.

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“Any suspicious and dubious schemes on Wiper Nominations, where the people of kitui are not given opportunity to nominate Her candidate for Kitui wiper governor candidate may result to Court Case – Kelvin Kalonzo Warned.

The team has been called today to break the impasse, so far according to Kevin, they have done the groundwork and they are ready to participate in Party Preliminaries on 21st April 2022.