Patriotic Senate will Deliver Win-Win formula – Dp Ruto assures Nation


By Yoana Kimwele.

The Deputy Presidents Dr William Ruto has assured the country that the senate will Unlock The controversial Revenue sharing Formula for counties.

None of the politicians has defined what equitable means, neither have they proposed what will constitute sufficient compensation of historical injustices to the formula proposed by CRA. None has also shown who is specifically from which county or counties responsible for the historical injustices.

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The vocal politicians are simply guided by mindset, often evident in the form of what is referred to by psychologists as cognitive bias, which in most cases leads to wrong conclusions and actions.

Dp Wrote on his social media site, “The emerging CONSENSUS on the revenue formula(Sakaja/Linturi) where populous counties receive REASONABLE increase while the others make MAJOR SAVINGS from otherwise huge loses is a big stride in pursuit of a WIN-WIN outcome.A UNITED and PATRIOTIC senate will DELIVER the SOLUTION”.