Patrick Mwendwa Sensitizes Burundi Youths On World Youth Parliament,Peace in Elections



BURUNDI: World Parliament Representative for East Africa Patrick Mwendwa is touring Burundi to sensitize local youths on the importance peace during the upcoming General Elections suffrage, The COUNTY DIARY has learnt.GLOBAL YOUTH LEADERS: Patrick Mwendwa with Legal Advisor to Burundian President on Youth affairs© PATRICK KIMANZI/MPPRESS

“I have been welcoming new officials and the youths in Burundi to the World Youth Parliament. It is important to sensitize youths to maintain peace during the upcoming elections in the country” said.

Patrick Mwendwa, the popular East African representative to the World Youth Parliament is the Chief Executive Officer at DS Youth Vissions Ltd — an organization which as empowered over 100,000 youths across Africa through entrepreneurship programmes.

“Am now at supposed to meet youths in kitega and Ngozi” offered Patrick Mwendwa speaking to The COUNTY DIARY from Burundi

Patrick will be accompanied by Deputy Minister of youths and Madam suavis (ukeburwatans) East Africa Community Women Rep and CEO in Burundi during sensitizations.