Passion as bereaved Senator Moi pours his Heart out to departed Dad


Bereaved Baringo Senator Moi stood out from the crowd yesterday.

Not because he is both a son and the hier to late former President Moi legacy but due to his passion and pathos during the National Prayer service held at Nyayo Stadium yesterday.

As he spoke in rememberance of the times of his late Dad, Gideon Moi was moved by grief and yet passion, and an outpouring compassion and love for the people of Kenya.

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He said that his late father hated dishonesty in all its manifestations, but was always ready to forgive.

It is this outstanding character that he exuded, both in public and in private, that endeared him to the people.

Today, we bid farewell to the man I call my father, mentor and a friend, the late Daniel Toroitich arap Moi.

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Lala Salama Mzee!

President of Rwanda Paul kagame eulogizing the late President at nyayo station

Top Military Arm carry the casket of the late President Moi at Nyayo stadium

Sudan President Making his speech, at nyayo stadium

Former Tanzania President Making his speeches.

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President of the Republic of Kenya Uhuru kenyatta Making his Key Note Speech
Top Visiting Dignitaries and top government officials following the proceeding at nyayo Stadium
Senator Moi eulogizing his late father president Moi at Nyayo stadium