Panga Wielding Kitui Nurse Rans Amok Over Land Tiff


One person has sustained serious injuries today in a Kitui suburb during a shocking incident that authorities described as ‘a fatal land dispute.

Witnesses who spoke to COUNTY DIARY espoused that a panga wielding man ran amok, accosted his cousin to and slashed him several times and left him to die.

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According to our sources, a nurse from Kitui Kwa-Mumo after Kwa-Nyingi slashed his cousin five times over land dispute, Kawala an eye witness told COUNTY DIARY

The cousin’s wife, who charged towards the melee ostensibly to rescue her husband escaped with serious injuries but was not slashed during the unfortunate drama.

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After the incident, the assailant then took his car and drove himself to Kitui police station to report the case, He was immidiately locked in .

He is a practicing nurse and was a proprietor with Kinatwa Sacco and owned several Nissans before leaving the Sacco acrimoniously!

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Lets learn to contain Stress levels…please.