Pambana na Hali yako Cliché is Stupidly And Ungodly.


Opinion by Munyoki Kisamwa.

This “Pambana na Hali yako” cliche’ is stupidly ungodly, inhuman and unafrican. It clearly illustrates the decay in our moral, cultural and religious fabric that calls for love and compassion to those afflicted by this or that malady. The human race seems to be slowly losing the human face and godly heart that has traditionally defined our coexistence on earth.

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The biblical verse rejoice with those who rejoice and cry with those who are crying seems to have been thrown out of the window by hypocritical Christians who are slowly abandoning the basic foundations of their religion.

They have instead withdrawn to their friendly classy comfort zones with nothing or little to do with the hoi poloi of this world or those disadvantaged, affected or pained by both physical and psychological torture . I am not a pastor but I can tell that preachers have some quite tedious work to do in turning souls towards the heavenly kingdom.

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We need to be each brother’s keeper let’s go back to biblical teaching folk.

Mr Munyoki kisamwa is among the finest Brains in kitui governor’s press team .

End .