Overated Makueni senator Mutula has no legs of his own


OPINION: Makueni senator mutula junior appear as a Prominent, celebrated and promising politician in ukambani and Kenya at large, but this limitation could be the party politics and positions.

Mutula has no legs of his own politically. He sails on a wiper ship. Wiper which went and knocked at Jubilee and were welcomed in. He is no fool to cover a fire with his blanket just to prove to people that he can stand foe the things they want him to stand for.

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The moment anyone starts going against his political masters is the moment s/he defines their political downfall.

There will come a time when he will move without borders. Before then, he has to keep on saluting to his bosses and following orders as they are.

Anyone who can’t get this as it is, is very naive. Don’t place Mutula Jnr in those Abraham-Isaac sacrifice situation. Not now, do not expect much from him at the moment, but the younger senator has a brighter future politically.



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