Over 72 % Of kitui Women know how to Use contraceptive – Says Dr Kitetu


Tuesday, May 17th, 2021.


By Brian Malasi.

72% of women and girls in Kitui county are properly informed on the best contraceptive for use from the existing health facilities within the county.

This was revelaed in findings of the 2021 Performance monitoring for action, PMA, research released today.

Conducted by the international centre for reproductive health Kenya, ICRHK, the research intended to among others, gauge and access the uptake of modern contraceptives in Kitui county and also access the accessibility of musangi to these health facilities.

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In the research, it was established that 97% of women and girls were fully comfortable with their current plan and also accessing their reproductive health from the county sunctioned facilities.

Further , 78% of the respondents revealed their spouses were aware of their contraceptive of choice and confirmed that it was readily available within the facilities.

This translates to an improved trust by the citizenry of the health situation in Kitui county from 65% in 2016 to 85% in 2022.

Speaking during the dissemination meeting, Health and sanitation CeCm, Dr. Winnie Kitetu appreciated the staff present for their efforts in improving the reproductive health situation in Kitui county.

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She further pledged further support in plans to increase contraceptive absorption in Kitui county.

As envisioned by Governor Charity Ngilu in her manifesto, the health situation has greatly improved leading to more citizens trusting the public health system in Kitui.

Also present was Dr. Allan Owino, the director for health services and reproductive health experts pooled from the 8 sub-counties in Kitui county.

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