Over 6,000 fans set to watch 17th Nguna Cup grand finale Tomorrow



Thousands of football fans drawn from across larger Mwingi and adjoining areas are expected to watch the grand finale of 17th Mp Nguna Cup edition on 30th December.

“It will be a special and an auspicious event for footballers and fans in Kitui. All roads shall lead to Yenzuva Primary and Secondary schools in Mwingi West for Nguna Cup 17 th edition. We expect over 6,000 people including leaders, organizers said.

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Adding that all systems are set for the occasion, organizers said the MP is upbeat to host the biggest sporting event in Kitui County this festive season.

Meanwhile hundreds of Boda Boda and Probox operators will be transporting fans. They are expected to charge friendly fares to the rendezvous.

“The event will probably be the best ever in Kitui county since it targets youths and Nguna Cup is about nurturing talents” said Hon. Charles Nguna speaking to COUNTY DIARY at Yenzuva.

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The Nguna Cup tournament had comprised 117 football teams including KINUKO FC.

It featured teams all the way from Mwingi North.

Tomorrow’s final will be a day of 6 teams.

These are the teams qualified to finals ,


  1. Migwayo FC
    4.Thitani FC

MJS FC Vs Nguutani FC

To give number one and two (1& 2 ).

Migwayo FC Vs Thitani FC ,
Will produce number 3 & 4

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These will be the awards , from 1, 2, 3 & 4

  1. 110, 000/= and a Trophy.
  2. 85, 000 ,
  3. 60, 000
  4. 50, 000

A pair of uniform each and a ball.

Nguna Cup , CNN Cup not at 17th year.

Football made in wingi.


1.Migwayo vs Thitani @8.30am. – Yenzuva primary ground

2.Riverbank Talents vs Kiio fc @ 8,30am – Yenzuva secondary ground

1.Kairungu vs Thokoa starlets @ 11.00 am – Yenzuva primary ground

2.Nguutani united vs Mwingi junior stars@ 2.00pm – Yenzuva primary ground
Mp Charles Nguna: this 6,000 fans to watch the game to2.00 pm
Last year they were 7,000