Over 4000 Farmers Set To Benefit from Waterpans and Sand Dams In Mwingi West As MP Nguna (CNN) Escalates Partnerships



MWINGI – More than 4000 farmers in Mwingi West constituency are set to
benefit from escalated construction of waterpans and sand dams through efforts spearheaded by Mwingi West MP Charles (CNN) Nguna, in partnership with National Irrigation Board (NIB) and ASDF, COUNTY PRESS has learnt.

PILOTING WATERPANS: The Itoloni sustainable pilot project, set to be eventually rolled out in 3 Wards in Mwingi West will see over 4000 farmers benefit from the partnerships initiated by MP Charles Nguna/PHOTO/PATRICK KIMANZI/COUNTY DIARY

“We have escalated partnerships with the National Irrigation Board and ASDF to ensure sustainability of farmers crops to ensure a bountiful harvest.My constituency is semi-
arid and therefore water pans and sand dams will go a long way in ensuring that rain water is harvested.

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This also ensures that crops will not dry when rains fail and livestock will not die during perrenial droughts. The partnership will be targeting over 4000 farmers in 3 Wards, eventually – after the Itoloni pilot project ” said Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna speaking to COUNTY DIARY yesterday.

The on-going pilot project at Itoloni location, set for eventual roll out to 3 Wards is already benefiting
100 families from the modern water pans that measure between
1000, 1500, 2500 and 3000 cubic metres.

“During previous regimes we were neglected as subsistence farmers. Our Mp is pro-active. There will be enough food to feed my family and a surplus whichb i can sell at the nearby Migwani market.

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Our livestock will be able to survive the perennial droughts that wipe almost 50% of our animals annually” said a local farmer at Itololoni when COUNTY DIARY quizzed him over the area MP projects.

The MP has also partnered with African Sand Dams Foundation (ASDF) to
construction of sand dams that will ensure water for more than 3000 families
and thousands of livestock around the year.

Meanwhile the MP has been carrying out tree planting activities with over 20,000 seedlings already planted in schools, farms and other areas, his aides said.