Over 200 Monkey attack Kimana Girls secondary school in Oloitoktok



Wildlife and human life conflicts continue to be a major concern especially to the residents leaving along heavy forests

Over two hundred monkeys are reported to have descended into Kimana girls secondary school in Oloitoktok and run Amok leaving teachers and students running for their safety.

The Monkeys are reportedly looking for something to Eat as hunger continues to strike between animals and human beings.

According to the school principal Madam Catherine Mwaniki, the Monkeys destroyed Kitchen and took away the food, students’ clothes, books, and several mobile phones belonging to teachers

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Baboons ‘took over’ Kimana School, beat students for food, The principal said the girls have lost uniforms and other clothes to the baboons.

Loitokitok KWS community warden, Abdi Aden, said he is aware the school has encountered great losses.
The principal said the jumbos have visited the school five times since June last year, but that their baboon visitors visit the institution at least three times a day.

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“They beat up the girls, in their dormitories as they scavenge for food. We have deployed our casual workers to fight them, but they outnumber them,” Catherine Mwaniki, the school’s senior principal said on Monday.

Fortunately, she said, there were no serious injuries. Maniki said with the current drought hitting them below the belt and coupled with the shortage of food and high prices, her school needed the intervention of Kenya Wildlife Services.

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The school, which is about 3 km from the Tsavo/Amboseli national park wildlife corridor, is also visited by elephants that have destroyed about 70 per cent of its fence.

“The baboons are truly a nuisance, they snatch students’ food, and clothes and also destruction in the school farm. We can’t open the dormitories during the day for aeration because they get inside and leave a trail of destruction,” Mwaniki said.

She said the monkeys go to the school because they can get food, leftovers and food crops from the farm too.

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